Photo: Tobiah Black The band Deafheaven, above, was one of the many groups to perform at the Basilica’s SoundScape Saturday, September 13 in Hudson. The band members include (l to r) Shiv Mehra, Stephen Clark, Daniel Tracy, George Clarke and Kerry McCoy. In addition to music there were poetry readings, different types of food, performances, media and plenty of people at the second annual ScoundScape.

Ghent grants variances for Ginsberg’s expansion

GHENT–The town Zoning Board of Appeals has approved all three variances requested by Ginsberg’s, the regional foodservice distribution company looking to expand to a new site along Route 66 at the Claverack town line.

Ginsberg’s, currently located in Claverack, is seeking to build a new facility on a 33-acre parcel on Route 66 that straddles the towns of Ghent and Claverack. The proposal calls for a “phase 1” project to construct a freezer building and offices within one year from starting the project. The “full build” plan involves the rest of the project, including a warehouse to be completed within 10 years. The Ghent and Claverack planning boards have been jointly reviewing the proposal. Read more…

Waterfront pulsates to Basilica’s SoundScape

HUDSON—Drones from the P.A. echoed through the cavernous Main Hall of Basilica Hudson on Saturday night. The light was dim. A neon sign—”Bar”—glowed red. The only really well lighted place was the merchandise table at the back of the Main Hall, which had a spotlight directed at it.

Now in its second year, SoundScape is a large event with a lot of moving parts. When Majical Cloudz—who took a brief detour from their day jobs as the opening act on Lorde’s North American tour to play at SoundScape—finished their set, people streamed out of the North Hall in all directions. Read more…

Does that home have room service?

Copake awash in complaints about well-to-do ‘transients’
COPAKE—Can’t find enough hotel or motel rooms for you and 30 of your closest friends?
Don’t despair. Rent a house… or three, just $1,200 per night.
But wait, is it legal?

At its September 11 meeting, the Copake Town Board received a letter from a resident of Upper Rhoda Lake in West Copake who contends that residential homes are meant for permanent occupancy not “transient accommodations such as hotels, motels and hospitals” according to Town Zoning Code definitions. Read more…

Kinderhook takes third place in Battle of the Books

GREENPORT—The Battle of the Books team from the Red Hook Public Library charged steadily through the regional contest Saturday, winning each of its matches until undefeated, it was declared Number One.

The team from the Staatsburg Library took second place, and . . . drum roll . . . Miss Amy’s Library for Peculiar Children, the team from the Kinderhook Memorial Library, came in third. Read more…

New Leb board has mixed views on pipeline plan

NEW LEBANON—This week’s Town Board meeting ended with a member of the audience asking each member of the board present to state whether he supported or opposed the proposed new Kinder Morgan gas pipeline that would pass through New Lebanon and other town in the northern part of the county (See story on Page 1 this week).

Board member Bruce Baldwin was the first to respond, saying, “My radical mind says if you want to line the pockets of a few capitalists,” then build the pipeline. “The lobbyists have not gotten to me yet.” Read more…