ICC president describes budget facing voters Tuesday


To the Editor:

Ichabod Crane voters and their counterparts in neighboring school districts will be participating in the annual budget vote and school board elections on Tuesday, May 19.

  In our district, we have five nominees for the four board of education seats to be filled. Our proposed budget carries an estimated average tax levy increase of 3.25% and would continue to result in the lowest per pupil expenditure of area school districts. Also on the ballot is a proposition for the purchase of four school buses. This is a scaled back version from our multi-year plan, which initially called for the purchase of six buses.

   The Ichabod Crane board adopted this budget proposal following a series of six meetings wherein we received input from administration, faculty and the public. Most importantly, the proposed budget maintains all academic programs and continues all student services and activities. I believe we have achieved a balance in the stability of our educational services and the prudent use of taxpayer dollars. It is our intent to stay on course in terms of long range planning and voter input.

   To that end, for the third year, Ichabod Crane will be conducting a voluntary voter exit survey. Voters will have the opportunity to fill out an anonymous questionnaire which is estimated to take perhaps five minutes. I can assure our voters that our board values your thoughts and the survey results will weigh into our future planning.

   Everyone—not just parents—has a stake in the success of public schools. When schools are strong and students succeed, everyone benefits. Voting in a school board election is an investment in the future of kids, of our community and of the nation.

John Phillips, president

Board of Education

Ichabod Crane School District


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