Comprehensive planners extend survey deadline, meet with special interest groups

COPAKE—Because there are still groups of people in the town who have not filed a response to the Comprehensive Plan survey, the town Comprehensive Plan Committee has extended the deadline for completing the survey until Labor Day.
   “We have been pleased by the response to the survey, but as we have begun to tabulate the results we see that there are certain groups in the town from whom we have yet to hear,” Committee Chair Jeanne Mettler said in a press release.
   Survey respondents so far have been older town residents and the committee hopes to hear from young people as well.
   Meanwhile, the committee plans an initiative to hear from groups in town with certain perspectives, concerns and/or needs. To hear these views, the committee will schedule a series of special meetings at Town Hall over the next several months.
   Realtors who have offices in Copake and or who list property in Copake are invited to the first meeting, Tuesday, August 11 at 7:30 p.m.
   On Thursday August 20, the committee will meet with leaders in town government. The Town Board, as well as all elected officials, and chairpersons of committees, commissions and boards are invited to share their views about town government.
   In the months to come the committee intends to interview businesspeople, farmers, and other special interest groups. All meetings are open to the public. Anyone who wants to suggest groups to be interviewed, should contact Ms. Mettler at .

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