Greenport spells out its roads policies

GREENPORT–“Keep the Green in Greenport” is the anti-littering slogan adopted by the Town Board at its October meeting last week.

The signs, said Highway Superintendent Mark Gaylord, will remind litterers that they risk fines up to $1,000 for strewing trash.


Mr. Gaylord also displayed green-and-white signs reading “We Love Our Children–Please Drive Carefully,” that he wants to put up. The town can have those signs made by the County Highway Department, with the town paying only for the aluminum blanks.

Numbers and locations for both signs are under study.

Signs were also on the mind of resident Carol Rogers, who urged that signs warning that children are present be placed near the entrance to the Town Park on Joslen Boulevard. “One of our children is going to get hurt,” she said, adding that the current 30 mph limit on Joslen is “kind of fast for a playground area.”

Police Chief Kevin Marchetto said the “Your Speed Is…” sign placed on Joslen for a week, followed by a patrol car stationed there for another week, seemed to have some effect: Only one speeding ticket had to be written during the period.

Chief Marchetto introduced Greenport’s newest officer, LuAnn Varney, who was duly sworn in by Town Clerk Kathleen Bucholsky.

And resident Mary Hallenbeck announced that the Halloween mischief season appears to have begun early this year, with an attack on her driveway by egg-hurling hooligans.

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