Texting ban will mean fines for unsafe drivers

ALBANY—A statewide texting-while-driving ban went into effect November 1, according to a press release from Assemblymen Joel Miller (R-102nd) and Marc Molinaro (R-103rd).
The law carries a fine up to $150 for drivers using handheld devices such as Blackberrys or cell phones to send messages.
Texting while driving poses serious and sometimes fatal distractions to drivers of all ages, says the release.
“The November 1 texting ban means safer roads and less distracted drivers. Everyone agrees using PDAs, Blackberrys or cell phones while driving is a recipe for disaster. After this weekend, those who threaten their own safety and the well-being of fellow motorists will face stiff penalties. It is our hope this will deter motorists from doing things in their vehicle that distract them from the task at hand—driving safely,” Mr. Molinaro said in the release.
Both Assemblymen explained that the need for this measure was amplified in June 2007 when five young teenagers from Fairport were killed because the driver, who was texting at the time, lost control and struck a tractor trailer.
Both assemblymen supported this legislation in the state Assembly and voted for it during the 2009 legislative session.

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