Extra Helpings sets pickup and ordering date for Stephentown

STEPHENTOWN–The December ordering date for the Extra Helpings Community Food Buying Club in Stephentown is Thursday, November 19, from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Stephentown Federated Church on Garfield Road. The Extra Helpings program is part of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. It allows anyone to buy nutritious food at lower-than-retail prices. There are no limits on age, income, number of bundles, or geography, so all smart shoppers are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

The December choices which can be ordered then are:  $21 basic bundle: 3.75-lb. avg. wt. Bavarian holiday ham half, 1 lb. pkg. chicken patties, 1 lb. pkg. hamburger (90/10), 1 lb. pkg. all beef hot dogs,  20 oz. bag peeled butternut squash, and 1 lb. bag baby carrots.  Special #1 at $15.75 is a 5-lb. cranberry and apple stuffed boneless pork loin roast. Special # 2 at $22.75 is a party package of a 2.5- lb. bag all beef meatballs (fully cooked),  2 lb. pkg. Buffalo-flavored chicken wings (fully cooked), 3-lb. box sweet Italian sausage (rope), and 1.75-lb. pkg. cocktail franks.  The Meat Box at $32.00 contains 2 lb. pkg. apple and cranberry stuffed pork chops, 3 lb. pkg. honey mustard flavored chicken breast, 3 lb. pkg. beef patties  (80/20), 2 lb. pkg. breakfast sausage links, and 3 lb. bag chicken patties.

Cash payment must be made when ordering. The pick up date is Thursday, December 19, from 3:30 to 6 p.m. at the Stephentown Federated Church. You may have another person order or pick up your order, but any food not claimed during the pick-up hours will be donated to the food pantry. For additional information or to offer your help with the program, call Paula Dibble (518) 733-0699 or Mary Defreest (518) 733-0009.

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