Coordinator announces fire training grads

GREENPORT–The Columbia County Fire Coordinators’ office has announced the names of volunteer firefighters who have successfully completed continuing training through the Office of Fire Prevention and Control.

An Introduction to Fire Officer course was conducted at the East Chatham Fire Company. Wayne Gearing was the instructor.

Graduates were: Daniel Brackett, Stanley Burch, Ricardo DeGroff, Matt Distin, Rustin Dolan, Lance Dragonetti, Larry Eisen, Dennis Gawron, Judy Gawron, David Gearing, Philip Genovese, Eric Grau, Michael Hart, Dennis Herber, Robin Howes, Theresa Hyson, Alex Karpinski, Emil Krizar, Michael Layman, James Ordway, David Page, Eric Pilkington, Lee Pratt and David Savage.

Melissa Eigenbrodt, Bud Godfroy and Dave Shultis lead 19 firefighters through the rigors of Firefighter I at the Copake Fire Station.

Those who successfully completed the course were: Alexander Bathrick, Philip Bickerton, Wendy Dwyer (scene support), Dan Evans, Jason Ferree, Michael Jardine Jr, Steven Kaninenberg, Chad Kilmer, Traci Lane, Jeffrey Lappies, Darren Mosher, James Murphy, Tonya Oakley, Max Rose, Chris Simmons, Joshua Skelley, Joshua Stalker, Clayton VanAlstyne III and Matthew Wilson.

Churchtown Fire Company hosted an Incident Safety Officer Class with the following participants: Robert Adriance, Morgan Bowers, Nathan Chess, Michael Dwyer, Leonard Edwards, Win Hotaling, Robert Bingham, Jeffrey Goldman, Clinton Mossman, Thomas Shumsky, Jeffrey French, Patricia Wright and Dennis Callahan.

The Red Rock Fire Station was the scene of the Apparatus Operator Aerial Device class taught by Joe Laviano. Students completing the eight-week course were: Christopher Billingham, Melissa Eigenbrodt, Tab Eigenbrodt, Donald Fischer, George Hoover IV, Frank Lill, Joseph Loeffler, Michael Poole and Frederic Rudman.

The Hudson Fire Department sponsored a Truck Company Operations course instructed by Mr. Laviano and Ms. Eigenbrodt. Completing the eight-week training were: Genevieve DeMarco, Anthony DeMarco, Christopher DeGraff, Craig Haigh, Daniel Hickey Jr., Daniel Hickey Sr., Guy Hughes, Paul Jahns IV, Nate Kastner, Michael McCrady Jr., James Moore, Zachary Stever and Douglas Swartz.

The Claverack Fire Company conducted a Firefighter Survival class. Graduates were: Joseph Hamm, Robert Vivas, Bruce Wood, David Ross, Max Dannis, Jeff Browne, Justin Kutski, Steven Mitchell, Devon Ruger and Patrick Farrell.

Hudson Fire also hosted a FAST training class. Graduating after five weeks of training were: Sheldon Campbell, Genevieve DeMarco, Matt Cohn, Joseph Hamm, Shawn Hoffman, Geoff Johnson, Jason Mato, Dylan McGee, Steven Mitchell, Rodney Peck, Nicholas Proper, Devon Ruger, David Shultis, Kevin Sokol and Justin Taylor.

Greenport Station 2 held a FAST class completed by 11 volunteers.They were: Ryan Wexler, Donald Coons Jr, Jon Hermance, Matt Franceschi, Travis Jubin, Henry Feller, Ed Knott, Brandon Seymour, Wayne Butterworth, Shane Stewart and Thomas O’Connell.

Greenport Fire Department hosted a nine-week scene support class taught by Mr. Godfroy, Brockway and Ms. Eigenbrodt. The 17 graduates were: Jeffrey Altomer, Randi Baker, Timothy Embry Jr, Timothy Embry Sr, Ashley Everett, Adam Hagen, David Hancock, Francis Iaccino, Larry Kadish, Dora Kaeding, Joseph Landry Jr, Luke Mack, Matthew Oakley, Brian Pace, Damian Rose, Sarah Spagnola and Jeremy Turner.


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