School budgets pass in every county district

HILLSDALE–Voters in Columbia County’s six public school districts approved budgets Tuesday. The vote totals for the budget propositions in all districts showed comfortable margins in favor of the spending plans, with Ichabod Crane’s budget passing by nearly a two-to-one margin.

A $6.1 million roof replacement proposition in the Hudson district and bus purchase propositions in the Chatham, Taconic Hills and Ichabod Crane districts also won easily, as did a proposal for expanded voter registration in Taconic Hills.

Results for the Germantown district were not immediately available, although the three candidates for the board were running unopposed.

Although the tax levy will increase slightly in all the districts where results are available, Hudson, Ichabod Crane and Taconic Hills made drastic cuts in faculty for the school year that begins in July to arrive at overall reductions in spending. Spending in all districts in the county would go down under the budgets placed before voters May 18.

The exact effect on each district of the budgets adopted this week will not be known until the state adopts its budget and releases the annual state aid plan for public schools. The governor’s state budget proposal called for a $1.4-billion cut in school aid, but because neither the Assembly nor the state Senate has given final approval to the governor’s proposal or adopted a plan of its own, the school districts do not know how much aid they are likely to receive from Albany.

The state budget is more than six weeks overdue, and a meeting between Governor Paterson and legislative leaders Tuesday apparently produced no movement toward resolution of the budget impasse.

The results of the local school district votes available as of 10:45 p.m. Tuesday are listed below.

Hudson City School District

Budget (Proposition 1)

Yes: 781

No:  668


Roof replacement (Proposition 2)

Yes 790

No 616


Board members elected

Peter D. Merante, Sr. (5 yr. term)

Mary Daly (1 yr. term) 

Chatham Central School District


Yes  441

No  260

Bus replacement proposition

Yes 407

No  282


Board members elected

Melony Spock  473

Gail Behrens Day  463

Ichabod Crane Central School District


Yes  1,093

No  593

Bus purchase proposition

Yes 901

No  750


Board members elected

Anthony Welcome  1,291

John Antalek  1,170

Regina Rose  1,196 

Taconic Hills Central School District


Yes  604

No  377

Prop. 2: Bus replacement proposition

Yes 508

No  415

Prop. 3: Continuous Voter Registration

Yes  581

No  331

Board members elected

Joseph Costa   552 (5 yr. term)

Kevin Maisenbacher  511 (3 yr. term) 

New Lebanon Central School District


Yes  279

No  125

Board members elected

JoAnn Gavrity  300 (3-yr. terms)

Raymond Sowalski  289 (3-yr. terms)

David Kroboth  322 (3-yr. terms)


Germantown Central School District


Yes  274

No  171

Board members elected

Eric Mortenson  327 (4-yr. term)

Teresa Repko  320 (4-yr. term)

Cynthia Smith 304 (1-yr. term)

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