Grey fox attacked dogs

MALDEN BRIDGE—The Columbia County Department of Health said in a press release April 30 that a grey fox attacked two dogs.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) searched for the fox Wednesday, April 28 around Shaker Museum Road where it was last seen.
The fox was not captured. Both dogs were current with their rabies vaccinations and were administered booster shots by their veterinarian according to protocol.
The health department reminds residents to use caution if they see an animal behaving abnormally—such as being unusually aggressive or friendly. Stay clear and call an animal control professional, says the release.
If someone is bitten by an animal that is acting strangely, try to locate the animal and capture it for testing. If the animal cannot be captured the person should seek medical attention immediately.
Though not bitten, a person exposed to a high-rabies-risk animal, such as a raccoon, bat, skunk or fox should seek medical attention.
Any exposure should be reported to the county health department at (518) 828-3358.
Residents should also keep their pets properly vaccinated.

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