Joslen residents dismayed by short-cut traffic

GREENPORT–“It seems that transportation on Joslen [Boulevard] is more important than the residents,” Vincent Concra scolded the Town Board at its meeting Wednesday, June 2.

The board “is not interested in helping residents” with what he sees as an ongoing problem with speeding vehicles on the residential street, Mr. Concra charged. He asked for a moratorium on construction in the Joslen/Fairview area until traffic problems are resolved.

His remarks came after a report by Police Chief Kevin Marchetto on his recent traffic study of Joslen: “Using an unmarked car and changing locations during the study showed that after 550 cars the average speed was 30.8 MPH. The highest recorded speed was 44 MPH. The fastest school bus was 31 MPH.”

One resident seemed to believe that any motorist who exceeds the 30-MPH limit on Joslen, even by as little as .8 MPH, should be ticketed. Another hollered from the back of the room, “Speed bumps! It’s the only way you’ll do it!”

Area residents say Joslen is increasingly used by people in a hurry, including drivers of heavy trucks, as a means of avoiding traffic signals on Fairview Avenue.

Widening Fairview would relieve the problem, but, as one resident pointed out, that project has been pushed back to 2016.

“I wonder where all you people were when they had the public hearings about Widewaters coming here,” said Carol Lane resident Mary Hallenbeck. Her reference was to the newly opened Greenport Commons shopping plaza, which has an entrance directly across Route 9 from the north end of Joslen.

“We can’t just tell people not to drive on Joslen Boulevard,” said Supervisor Edward Nabozny.

In other business:

*At no cost to taxpayers, the town is now the proud owner of water and sanitary sewer systems at Greenport Commons. The board voted to accept the infrastructure from developer Widewaters Greenport Co. Widewaters paid for installation and now is paying all costs of the transfer to the town. The developer also guarantees the systems for one year against defects and failures; and forever against damage caused by future construction at the site.

*The board voted to renew its agreement with Columbia County for pickup of solid waste and recyclables, in effect since 2006. 

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