Stewart’s set to close its Philmont store

PHILMONT – The Stewart’s Shoppe and Gas Station here is closing. Tom Mailey, a Stewart’s spokesperson, said that the gas tanks and the building in Philmont needed expensive upgrades and, because the company is opening a new store and gas station in Chatham, it decided not to make the investment in repairs at Philmont.

“We were looking at a sizable amount of money,” Mr. Mailey said about the need to remove the old gas tanks and replace them, as well as making upgrades to the shop. The building became a Stewart’s in 1974.

Philmont Mayor Skip Speed said that no one from Stewart’s had told him that the shop is closing. “I was surprised they just never told anybody,” he said in a phone interview this week.

Mayor Speed found out about the shop closing when the company applied for a permit to pull out the gas tanks. “It seems that they’ve been planning this for a while,” Mayor Speed said.

The company has to remove the gas tanks from ground when the shop closes, and Mr. Mailey says that work is already scheduled to do that.

The Philmont shop has seven fulltime and part-time employees, and Mr. Mailey says the company hopes to find new jobs for them at other stores. “We plan on placing as many as we can,” he said in a phone interview. He also said that anyone interested in buying or renting the building should call the Stewart’s headquarters at 518 581-1200 or go to the Stewart’s website at

The new Chatham Store, which will be bigger than the Philmont store, is scheduled open in mid-December, and Mr. Mailey said that it will most likely happen when the Philmont store closes.

Mayor Speed said he sent a letter to Stewart’s headquarters about the Philmont shop and says he is still waiting for a response.

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