Without objection, Valatie consigns court to history

VALATIE — Mayor Gary Strevell announced at this week’s meeting that village residents will receive an income survey in the mail. The village is planning to apply for money from the state for upgrades to the water and wastewater collection systems, and having the income surveys will determine eligibility for certain funds. The surveys will be processed by RCAP Solutions, a non-profit community development agency, which will also conduct house-to-house follow-up interviews.

“If we don’t capture the full spectrum of incomes we won’t be happy,” Mr. Strevell of the survey at the Tuesday, November 9 meeting. The information on the survey is confidential.

The village is looking at a $1.3-million project to upgrade the wastewater management system the mayor said, and the community may be eligible for grants and no-interest loans to cover the cost.

Mr. Strevell told the board earlier in the meeting when talking about the disinfection system officials added to the project to meet state mandates, the village is now eligible for funding from the state for future projects. “Now we’ve got to argue how much of it will be grant and how much of it will be zero-percent interest loan,” he said, stressing the importance of having residents fill out their surveys truthfully and send them in.

The board started the meeting with a public hearing to discuss the proposed Village Law #2, which would abolish the Village Court. Hearing no objections from the public, the board adopted the law. As a result, offences that take place in the village will now be prosecuted in Town Court.

“I think it’s a good way to save money,” said Trustee Nancy Bryant.

The board also adopted a motion approving the plan by the Town of Kinderhook Trail Committee to apply for a $100,000 grant from the state Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation Department to create a walking path in the village. The trail would follow some parts of National Grid’s right-of-way for its power lines, and Village Parks Department Director Diane Argyle said that the committee is close to signing a contract with the committee.

Mayor Strevell also had an update on the sidewalk connecting the villages of Valatie and Kinderhook along Route 9. He said there are design plans available at Village Hall for public view. The plan is to start construction in 2012 he said.

In other business:

*There is construction at the Community Theater on Main Street, where the foundation is being poured for the new bathrooms next to the building.

*Villagers in Valatie and Kinderhook received new recycling cans last Saturday. Mr. Strevell said that County Waste, which has the contract with the village for recycling, is now moving to a single-stream recycling system. All recycled materials will go in the same bin, and be picked up once a week.

With sorting materials no longer required, the mayor said the company is hoping that more people will recycle.

Board members were worried about the large cans for the combined recyclables clogging Main Street.

*The board discussed having an ATV and recreational vehicle law in the village. Village Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons said several state laws prohibit the use of the vehicles but no village laws. Board members are planning to draft a new law and conduct a public hearing on it at the next meeting Tuesday, December 14 at 7:30pm.

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