ELECTION RESULTS: McLaughlin wins Assembly seat

CHATHAM — In the 108th Assembly District, which covers the northern tier of towns in Columbia County and meanders into parts of three other counties, Republican Steve McLaughlin apparently defeated incumbent Tim Gordon, an Independence Party member who caucused with the Democrats.

The results of the voting Tuesday showed McLaughlin with 26,135 to Gordon’s 23,126.

Tanner returned as county clerk

HUDSON — Incumbent County Clerk Holly Tanner (R) easily defeated her opponent, Peter Donahoe (D) and will serve a third term in office.

The unofficial vote in that race, as reported Wednesday by the Times Union newspaper in Albany showed Tanner receiving 14,020 votes to Donahoe’s 8,173.

The race between Roberta Davis (D)  and Deborah Simonsmeier (R) for the new post of third county coroner was extremely close. Davis reportedly received 9,168 votes on the new scanning systems, while Simonsmeier (R,I) received 8,863.

Chatham race remains undecided

CHATHAM–It appeared from the unofficial tallies of the voting machines Election Night that Former Chatham Town Board member Tom Meyn (R) had won a one-year term on the Town Board to fill a vacancy. That would give Republicans a majority on the board. But his opponent, former councilman Bob Balcom, a Democrat, is not ready to concede.

The final count must await the canvassing of absentee ballots, and Mr. Balcom said in an email Wednesday evening that 132 absentee ballots were requested and 119 returned so far. He said that is more than the difference between the two candidates. He acknowledged that he faces long odds, but he expects the difference in votes between him and Mr. Meyn will narrow in a recount.

Library receives support

KINDERHOOK–Proposals in Kinderhook and Stuyvesant to increase town support for the Kinderhook Memorial Library reportedly were approved by voters by substantial margins.

In Kinderhook, where voters were asked to okay an increase of $37,000, the vote was 2128 Yes to 1505 No. In Stuyvesant, where the request was for an additional $5,000 annually, the vote was 224 Yes to 138 No. Both tallies were reported by the Times Union newspaper in Albany.

New Leb voters reject longer terms

New Lebanon– Voters in New Lebanon turned down a proposal to increase the terms of office for the town clerk and highway superintendent to four years from two.

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