Brown issues travel advisory

COLUMBIA COUNTY–Columbia County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Roy Brown issued a travel advisory for Columbia County today, January 18.

Most roadways have been cleared of snow, Mr. Brown said in a press release, but with the freezing rain and sleet beginning, roadways are becoming very slippery. He advised people who must travel to use caution and call ahead, if possible, to ensure that their destination is still open and accessible.

He asked drivers to be aware of public and private snow removal equipment in roadways and to give themselves enough distance between their vehicles and others to ensure a safe stopping distance.

This is a typical winter storm in the northeast, Mr. Brown said in the release, “We want to make sure that everyone is reminded to use caution for their own safety as well as others.”

The Columbia County Emergency Management Office and the Greenport Police Department advise that a snow emergency has been posted in Greenport, that means no parking on any highway in the Town of Greennport, according to the announcement. There is a $100 parking fine plus towing fee for violators.



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