City over-enforces snow emergency parking

HUDSON–Snow removal has been efficient this winter, but complaints from angry residents whose cars were either ticketed or towed from Hudson streets during recent snow storms abound. Carol Osterink said at the February 7 Common Council meeting that she knew several people who were ticketed twice during one storm. That’s a $50 fine. Those who were towed owe $85.

Alderman Abdus Miah D-2nd Ward) who got a ticket said, “We need a better system.”

Victor Mendolia who also received a ticket complained about the lack of signs and residents’ confusion about where they were allowed to park.

“I agree the system needs improving,” said Common Council President Don Moore.

“We have had snow emergency laws since 1996 but never enforced them until this year,” said Mayor Rick Scalera. “We should either enforce them or take them off the books. There are exempt streets, where people got towed, that the police weren’t aware of. We will give people back their money. We will discuss and learn from it,” said the mayor.

Linda Mussman complained that trucks, ambulances and a fire truck were unable to navigate Columbia Street.

“It’s our major artery; it should be plowed before Warren Street,” she said.

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