Firefighter continuing ed grads announced

GREENPORT—The Columbia County Fire Coordinator’s office announces that the following county volunteers have completed continuing education in conjunction with the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control and county fire departments.

An apparatus operator-emergency vehicle operation course was held at the Claverack fire station with Ted Beck and Wayne Gearing sharing the instructor duties. Graduates were: Nathan Chernewsky, Darrin Culver, Matthew Franceschi, Dan Keeler, Sean Carbine, Alexander Bathrick, Justin Kutski, Elwin Moore, Brian Pace, Amanda Baird, Jim Brennan, Patrick Farrell, Fred Miller, Joshua Stalker, Shad Pulver, William McGee and Charles Shook.


The Copake firehouse and the Columbia County training tower were the scenes of firefighter survival courses with Melissa Eigenbrodt and Joe Lavino handling the instruction. Attendees were: Douglas Swartz, Thomas Elliott, Joe Scutt, Dale Roberts, Jake Marks, Evan Decker, Jason Ferree, Josh Miller, Nicholas Proper, Jeremy Holdridge, Jeremy Proper, James Jensen, Collin Brown, Shawn Crawford and Daniel Evans.

The Spencertown Fire Company hosted the second firefighter survival course taught by Ms. Eigenbrodt and Mr. Gearing. Successfully completing the training were: David Savage, George Wenk, Joshua Stalker, Traci Lane, Teddy Baird, Evan McCormick, David Page, Kevin Grau, Clayton VanAlstyne, Matthew Wilson, Fred Miller and Chad Malarchuk.

Fifty-seven emergency services people from the fire service, rescue squads and law enforcement attended a one-night training session on recognizing chemical suicides. Attendees were: Irene Bertone, Bill Hanson, Win Hotaling, Gary Grimes, Jr., Michael Ruscio, Jr., Jim Acker, Brian Colwell, Dewitt Sagendorph, Christopher Mills, Matthew Franceschi, Mark Beaumont, Joseph H. Loeffler, Frank Bevens, Karen Loeffler, Bill Hunt, Jack Lasher, Tony Brahm, Richard Franceschi, Vernon Higgins, Cal Dallas, Sal Cozzolino, Lee Roush, Dale Wheeler, Katie Flory, Dennis Callahan, Donald Coon, Jeffrey Browne, Asa Nostrand, Paul Nostrand, Richard Briggs, Jim Brennan, Josh Stalker, Alan Besterman, Bill Wallace, John Silvernail, Brennan Keeler, Sgt. Wayne Lopez, Jeff Keeler, William Hilscher, George Keeler, Michael Castle, Chad Drozd, Chris Carlsen, Jo-ann Sheehey, Susan VanEgghen, Scott Bowman, PJ Keeler, Fred Mills, Joseph Ham, Andrew Behrens, Jermey Proper, James VanDeusen, David Schmitz, Michael Frontino, Sean Carbine, Peter Doty and Travis VanAlstyne.

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