Village hears more calls for noise limit law

CHATHAM — A village noise ordinance was once again the topic of discussion at the board’s regular meeting November 10. And once again Hudson Avenue residents came out to complain about the noise coming from the bar on their street.

“I just want something done,” said Monica Lippera, who owns the Chatham House across the street from MJ’s Sports Bar and Grill and lives on Hudson Avenue for part of the year. “I don’t know why it’s taking so long,” she said of crafting the noise ordinance, though she did say at this point she would take any solution including a village curfew.

Trustee Lael Locke came to the board several months ago with a draft noise ordinance and said she has been working with the Police Chief Kevin Boehme and Mayor Tom Curran to find a law that will hold up in court. Mayor Curran said at last month’s meeting village officials are looking for an approach that would apply to all village residents and not single out a few business owners.

“My interest is not to put these people out of business,” said Hudson Avenue resident Rose Marie Whiteside. She said she’s seen people urinating next to the bar as well as having to deal with the noise.

Ms. Lippera said that residents felt intimidated about going to the authorities to complain. The Lippera family and other neighbors have attended several board meetings asking for something to be done about noise.

In the police report to the village the November 10 meeting, Trustee Dave Chapman said that the owner of MJ’s had been issued tickets to appear in court in early October due to sound complaints.

Chief Boehme said he spoke with the state Liquor Authority about the situation. “They wanted to know everything, not just the arrest,” he told the board.

Neither the owner of the bar nor his lawyer attended the meeting.

The noise ordinance is now being reviewed by the village attorney. The board will hold a public hearing before their regular meeting on Thursday December 8 at 6:30pm. “Don’t be afraid to come and be heard,” said Trustee Locke.

The next board meeting will take place on the December 8 at 7:30pm in the Tracy Memorial.

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