Village sets June 5 as date for sewer vote

KINDERHOOK–The Village Board has called a special election June 5 to determine whether to go forward with a plan to connect 35 properties to the Village of Valatie sewer treatment plant.

The election will be held at the Village Hall, 6 Chatham Street, from noon to 9 p.m. with paper ballots.

If the proposition passes, Mayor Carol Weaver said at a regular board meeting May 9, she can start talking about borrowing funds for the project with bond council. There will have to be more public hearings to approve the borrowing before the project can proceed.

The sewer project in what the village calls the Business District is estimated to cost $775,681, plus contingency costs of $56,987. The village has been told it will receive a $285,000 state Community Development Block Grant, and $70,000 from private contributions, as well as a shared grant with the village of Valatie, which would mean other $177,000 for Kinderhook.

The board has discussed charging the property owners that use the service a yearly amount on top of rates for sewer use, and charging a small yearly fee to all villagers to help cover the cost of the $300,000 loan required to cover construction costs.

The board voted in March to move forward with bonding, but two board members, Dale Leiser and Robert Puckett, voted against it, meaning the board did not have the supermajority required to move ahead without a referendum.

In the discussion last week, board member Rich Phillips, who said he supported the project, would not approve the resolution on the special election until there was wording that an agreement had to be worked out with the Village of Valatie before the June 5 vote.

Mayor Weaver said she had met with Valatie Mayor Gary Strevell and lawyers for both municipalities, and the agreement is almost complete. “I don’t feel we are going to have a problem with the intermunicipal agreement,” she told the board.

“This has been going on for a very long time,” she said of the plans for the sewer hookups and the talks with the neighboring village.

The village is pushing hard to get work started is because this project could delay another state and federally funded project: a sidewalk link between the two villages along Route 9. The sewer line would run under the sidewalk. That project 80% funded by federal money with a state grant that the municipalities have finally received. Work on the sidewalk is scheduled to start this summer but the sewer may delay that schedule.

After changes he requested were made to the resolution, Mr. Phillips supported the resolution, leaving only Mr. Puckett voting against it.

A copy of the resolution is available at the Village Hall and Mayor Weaver said they would put a special notice on the village website.

The village website is

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