Villages’ sewer pact goes down to wire

KINDERHOOK–The Kinderhook and Valatie village boards will meet Monday, July 2 to discuss the proposed intermunicipal agreement that would permit some Kinderhook businesses and residents to connect to the Valatie sewer system. The meeting will be held at the Kinderhook Firehouse on Route 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.

The Kinderhook Village Board is trying to work out an agreement with Valatie for 35 properties in the Kinderhook Business District to use the Valatie sewer plant. The Village of Kinderhook does not have a central sewer system.

Kinderhook has received grant money and private funds for the $800,000 project, but the board would still have to borrow about $340,000 to cover the cost of the project.

The two municipalities share a grant, which each receiving $177,000 to move forward with the project. At the Valatie board’s June meeting, Valatie Mayor Gary Strevell said that the grant would cover the connection costs for the 35 properties but the new customers would also have to pay Valatie sewer rates, a condition that is included in the proposed intermunicipal agreement. Any Kinderhook property owner other than those 35 who requested a connection to the sewer system would have to pay the hook-up fee.

The Kinderhook board would like an agreement that exempts property owners in the Business District from fees Valatie has adopted to pay for a major construction project at the Valatie sewer plant now in progress. Valatie is doing that work with funds from a no-interest $3-million loan to upgrade the plant.

The other issue for the two municipalities to work out is the sidewalk link project due to start this summer. The two villages were granted federal and state money to build a sidewalk along Route 9. The sidewalk link has been under discussion for six years, and this year the two villages planned to break ground, but the sewer plant is located just off Route 9, and the sewer lines from Kinderhook would run beneath the new sidewalk.

So any delays on the agreement for the sewer project also hold up the sidewalk project. And the money for both projects won’t remain available forever, according to Mayor Strevell.

Kinderhook Mayor Carol Weaver said that her board met Friday, June 22 and the Valatie board met on Monday June 25. Both boards are postponing final decisions on the projects until the two boards get together July 2.

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