This showoff needs a home

CRARYVILLE–Have you misplaced your peacock?


You know, that shimmering bluish bird that fans out its tail, has eyes on its feathers and wears a sort of tiara-type headdress?


Well, someone is minus a peacock and Dorothy and Stephen Pfeiffer have a good idea where it is.

It’s been about three weeks now, since September 1, when Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer noticed the strange, shiny bird poking around their place on County Route 11.


Mrs. Pfeiffer admits that at first glance she thought it was a wild turkey but upon closer inspection realized it was not an ordinary backyard visitor.


The showy bird appears to be in good health and parades all over the property, said Mrs. Pfeiffer, noting it seems friendly and Mr. Pfeiffer throws out breadcrumbs and crackers for it to eat.


The bird comes and goes as it pleases, showing up every day or two. The Pfeiffers have checked around and found out that the bird also spends some time hanging around a neighbor’s chicken coop, performing for the ladies.


The bird doesn’t belong to anyone they have contacted. They called the Columbia-Greene Humane Society, hoping the shelter would take the bird. Shelter staff took the information and said they would be in touch if someone called there looking for the iridescent fowl.


Hoping to reach a broader audience, Mrs. Pfeiffer contacted The Columbia Paper for help. She is worried about the bird’s safety out there in the wilds of Craryville and thinks it will need a place to stay during the coming winter.


She hopes the person who lost the bird, or maybe someone knowledgeable about peacocks and willing to give it a good home, will call her at 518 672-7019.


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