Grant reduces borrowing costs for wastewater project in Valatie

VALATIE – The Board of Directors of the state Environmental Facilities Corp. (EFC) recently approved a $2-million grant for a wastewater infrastructure project in the Village of Valatie.

The grant will help offset a $3.2-million interest-free loan previously issued by EFC and will significantly lower expenses for the village as officials continue their overhaul of equipment and infrastructure at the wastewater treatment plant.

Valatie’s wastewater treatment facility, which was constructed in the late 1970s, has aged past its initial design life and is in need of major rehabilitation. The upgrades, which include new influent grinders and the replacement of influent pumps, will allow the plant to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of inadequately treated wastewater discharges into Kinderhook Creek and ultimately into the Hudson River, during wet weather.

“This project would have cost Valatie thousands of dollars in additional interest costs if they had borrowed on their own,” Matthew J. Driscoll, EFC’s president and CEO, said in a release following the unanimous vote. “The Environmental Facilities Corporation is pleased to have been able to assist the Village in financing this water-pollution control project at the lowest possible cost for its residents.”

“From the very beginning, the professional staff at EFC has been wonderful to work with,” Valatie Mayor Gary Strevell said in the same release. “This project is no small undertaking for the Village of Valatie. For us to have financed this project via private funding sources, would have rendered it unaffordable.”

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