G’town budget proposal calls for 1.7% increase

GERMANTOWN—The public hearing on the proposed town budget for 2013 is Tuesday, November 13, at 6 p.m. in Town Hall, Palatine Park Road. At that time the public will comment on a budget with total appropriations of $1,244,644 ($653,926 General Fund and $590,738 Highway) that would raise taxes 1.68% (.66% appropriated to the General Fund and 1.02% to the Highway Fund).

The town is working with a total taxable assessed value of $344,458,669, more than $103 million higher than last year’s assessed value. The total amount to be raised by taxes is $578,893 ($227,051 for the General Fund, $351,842 for Highway). That’s down slightly from the current year tax levy.

In addition to taxes, the town board estimated revenues of $276,875 (general) and $108,896 (highway). This includes sales and mortgage taxes.

To help keep the tax rate low, unexpended balance will be used: $150,000 for the General Fund, and $130,000 for the Highway Fund. These are the same amounts the town used in its 2012 budget.

The town’s lighting district pays for itself, at $6,000 per year. The sewer system, budgeted at $173,722, falls slightly short in its revenues ($167,200), which would be made up for in use of $6,522 in unexpended balance.

All full-time town employees would receive a 2.5% wage increase.

Earlier this week, the goal was to put the proposed budget on the town website, germantown.org, but at press time it had not yet appeared.

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