Claverack keeps lid on tax increase at 1.5%

CLAVERACK–The Town Board has adopted the 2013 budget of $2,3 million, which comes with tax increase of 1.53%.

The amount to be raised by taxes, $591,261, includes $540,053 in the general fund and $51,208 in the highway fund, an increase of $8,900 from the 2012 budget.

Town Supervisor Robin Andrews was pleased with the numbers. She said the highway fund was increased the mostly to accommodate rising state retirement and insurance costs. The new budget plan calls for appropriations totaling $2,283,921, with the amount split between $1,070,213 for general fund costs and $1,213,708 for the Highway Department.

In addition to taxes, the town estimates $1.4 million in other revenues and will apply unexpended funds amounting to $325,000, with $97,000 coming from unspent money in the general fund and $228,000 from the highway fund.

The board adopted the budget at its November 8 meeting.

One of the reasons the town is in such good financial shape, according to Ms. Andrews, is from a contract that covers reassessments. “We paid a little more the first couple years, and then it decreased,” she said. She said that alone yielded around $10,000 in savings. “So that was helpful,” she said.

The salaries of all staff will be raised by 3%, with the exception of the Town Board and some of the appointed staff.

Ms. Andrews said the tax rate will be $1.05 per thousand for those who live in the town, and $0.80 per thousand for those who live in the Village of Philmont.

The water district will see a 22% decrease in taxes for those who have property in the district. The decrease is a result of a debt that has been paid off. The amount to be raised by taxes in the water district is $77,038, a decrease of $21,777 from last year.



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