Price Chopper hearing on hold till Dec.

CHATHAM–The Village Planning Board met Monday evening, November 19, with a hearing on the proposed Price Chopper supermarket the major event on the agenda. All sides were set to go, with lawyers for the supermarket chain having set up a projector and laptop computer to present a document that they said responds to earlier concerns expressed by the board. Local residents filled most of the seats in the upstairs courtroom, many of them opponents of the proposal.

But as the presentation by the developers of the supermarket began, Cheryl Roberts, the special counsel to the board on this proposal, asked the lawyers for the project whether they had notified all the adjoining property owners of the hearing.

Peter Lynch, a lawyer for the supermarket chain said at first that he thought that was not his clients’ responsibility but then acknowledged that through an “inadvertent” oversight, proper notification had not been made.

Ms. Roberts then suggested that because the law required the applicant to notify the neighbors the hearing should be tabled until next month’s meeting. All parties agreed and the meeting was adjourned until December 17.


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