News Briefs


Kiss that snow goodbye

CHATHAM–Village Mayor Tom Curran reports that the state Department of Transportation will be removing snow from Main Street and Hudson Avenue (that’s State Route 66 to folks in Albany) around midnight tonight, Sunday, December 30. Residents and business owners who want snow removed from in front of their buildings should get the white stuff off the sidewalk and into the street by 11 p.m. Sunday.

The mayor urges those who see this notice, which he has also distributed by email, to tell their neighbors.

He says the DOT will use a big loader and dump truck and “actually take the snow away.”


G’town reschedules yearend meeting

GERMANTOWN—The Town Board’s yearend meeting lacked a quorum December 28, so it is postponed to Monday, December 31, at 5:30 p.m., in Town Hall.

Attending December 28 were councilmen Michael Mortenson and Joel Craig. They consulted by phone with town attorney Tal Rappleyea, who said the meeting could be rescheduled on an emergency basis, with a notice at the town clerk’s office.

The yearend meeting is generally a brief, routine gathering at which the board authorizes payment of the town’s final bills. It must take place by the end of the calendar year.


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