Taconic Hills expects a $36.7M budget

CRARYVILLE–Members of the Taconic Hills Board of Education were presented with projected costs for the 2013-14 budget last week. Total expenditures are expected to be over $36.7 million, an increase of about $1.5 million from the 2012-13 budget.

Total special education expenses are expected to drop by 23% to $2.3 million, but District Business Manager Cybil Howard said there may be even more of a decrease. “It’s pretty fluid right now,” she said.

Payroll and benefits are projected to total about $24.7 million. Ms. Howard said teacher retirement rates increased from 11.84% to 16.25% due to legal mandates. But the district will see only a 1.8% rise in health insurance costs.

“That’s fantastic news for us,” she said of the smaller than expected increase in health insurance. “It’s definitely a source of relief.”

Transportation costs are expected to rise 1.24% overall, including a 13% decrease in gasoline expenses.

Transportation Supervisor Richard Viebrock said the buses are just using less fuel.

“A lot of this is because we’re so efficient with the amount of miles and students we carry to and from school,” said Superintendent Neil Howard. Referring to Mr. Viebrock, the superintendent said, “Rick has done an excellent job with that.”

Ms. Howard, the business manager, said that there is $20,000 in a bus reserve account that the district would like to access to be able to purchase a small vehicle for the transportation department. Mr. Howard said that it would have to be approved by voters in May.

The building and grounds budget is rising by 2.63% to $2.7 million. Technology costs are projected to drop by 4.58% to below $364,000.

The board will hold a special meeting April 17 at 6:30 p.m.



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