G’town forges ahead with super search

GERMANTOWN—The search for a new superintendent for the Germantown Central School District is heading into the home stretch, according to a report from interim superintendent Patrick Gabriel.

The Board of Education received 38 applications for the position, which was advertised on statewide websites and profiled in a brochure developed for the district. Candidate information was checked by Questar III BOCES staff, which is assisting in the search at no cost to the district.

During the week of May 20, a stakeholder group of parents, community members and staff met with candidates as part of a first round of interviews. This group then advised the board on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

Members of the stakeholder group are: administrators Karol Harlow, high school principal, and Amelia Gallagher, guidance director; teachers Dean Hanson (high school science) and Mike Pudney (fifth grade); school nurse Sandi Bohnsack; Mary Duntz, special education; students Joe Stier and Angela Fix; and community members Rick Jason and Randy Phelan.

James N. Baldwin, Questar III district superintendent, is coordinating the search. He is scheduled to meet with the Board in early June to discuss results of the stakeholder group interviews. The Board will then interview candidates to select finalists.

In mid-June, the board will interview finalists and invite them to meet with school staff as part of a tour of the district. The Board expects to appoint a new superintendent in early July, subject to completion of a contract. The 2013-14 district budget allots $150,000 for the position. The new superintendent will begin in July or August.

The superintendent search process began in February, after Mr. Gabriel announced his retirement. Mr. Gabriel is serving as interim superintendent during the search.


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