Valatie Trustee Freinberg-Trufas resigns

VALATIE–Trustee Amy Freinberg-Trufas has resigned from the Village Board. Mayor Diane Argyle is accepting applications for the newly vacant position and hopes to appoint a new trustee soon. Ms. Freinberg-Trufas’s term expires March 31, 2014.

Mayor Argyle announced the resignation at the regular board meeting Tuesday, July 9 after receiving a letter from Ms. Freinberg-Trufas. Mayor Argyle declined to comment on resignation.

In an email to the Columbia Paper, Ms. Freinberg-Trufas, a lifelong resident of Valatie, wrote, “It wasn’t an easy decision to step aside, but it became clear to me that it was time to do so. I will continue to work to make Valatie a better place. I’m VP of our local chamber of commerce organization, VERA, and am really excited to continue working with them to make the Main Street a vibrant business district.”

Ms. Freinberg-Trufas served as deputy mayor twice. Most recently she was appointed to the board by former Mayor Gary Strevell after the death of Trustee Paul Raihofer in 2011. She ran for reelection when his term expired in 2012. She has been active with upgrades to the Valatie Community Theater, and negotiations with the Village of Kinderhook board over the connection of several properties in the Kinderhook business district to Valatie’s sewer system.

For information about applying for the position on the board, contact the village clerk at 518 758-9906 or go to the new village website at

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