Firefighters complete more training

GREENPORT—The Columbia County Fire Coordinators Office announces the completion of multiple firefighting training schools completed by hundreds of volunteers during the spring session.

The sessions were sponsored by New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control and fire coordinators.

East Chatham Fire Station was the scene of a trench rescue awareness level training under the direction of NYS Fire Instructor Joe Laviano. Completing the two-week training were: Philip Bickerton, Nick Buffa, Anita Crosby, Evan Decker, Paul D’Onofrio, Darrin Gansowski, Dennis Gawron, Judy Gawron, Alan Gearing, David Gearing, Wayne Gearing, Louis Godfroy, III, Fred Gooderham, Mark Graziano, Michael Hart , William Hunt, Gennea Austin, Emil Krizar, Timothy Lamphear, Richard Lindmark, Joseph Loeffler, Karen Loeffler, David Naughton, David Page, Jr., Joseph Reiger, Gaston Robert, Jr., Janet Shumsky, Garry Smith, Matthew Tuczynski, Henry Swartz, Jr., Brian Wheeler and Tylie Winters.

Claverack Fire District and Wayne Gearing hosted a six-week FAST training session. Instructor Gearing was assisted by Mr. Laviano and Bud Godfroy. Graduates included: Shane Blish, John Calderon, Kyle Franceschi, Spencer Hotaling, Travis Keeler, Brandon Montie, Arnold Okonski, Conor O’Neil, Andrew Powell and Donald White.

Hudson Fire Department and Instructor Gearing teamed up with Mr. Laviano, Mr. Godfroy, Mike Stelling and Dave Shultis to graduate 17 firefighters to the Firefighter II level. Completing the nine weeks of classes were: John Calderon, Jeremiah Case, Jon Cesternino, Jon Decker, Christopher Dedrick, Daric Eggleston, Timothy Embry, Dylan Gabarini, Todd Gardner, Douglas Garrison, Alan Gearing, Michael Guido, Chris Harris, Ryan O’Dowd, Conor O’Neil, Edward Roosa and Art Sherman.

Hudson was also the location of an accident victim extrication training directed by Mr. Laviano and Mr. Godfroy. Successful dismantlers of autos were: Robert Banks, Jr., Mathew Corsa, Travis Corsa, Timothy Farrell, Frederick Fuchs, Douglas Garrison, Roddy Neisen, Jr., Conor O’Neil, John Onufrychuk, Jr., Edward Roosa and Kyle Witko.

Germantown Fire Company hosted a seven night Fire Police Training School with the instruction handled by Sherriff David Harrison, Jr. and Deputy David Proper. Graduates included: Lawrence Saulpaugh, Tyler J. Case, Richard Hinkein, Dora F. Kaeding, Dominick R. Oliveri, Michael S. Mortenson, Wendy Nack-Lawlor, Stefania A. Maruniak, Donald Tubbs, Christopher Corbin, Don Edge, Harold Jensen, John Roberts, Stanley Molinski, Neil Howard, Jr., Michael Dwyer, Bruce W. Miller, Christopher Carlsen, Cody Lewis, Benjamin Roberts, Raymond Hutchings, Randy Lewis, Charles Shook and Felix Salvatore.

Mr. Godfroy also taught the HazMat Awareness Operations level training at the Claverack fire station. The following completed the four-week course: Dave Adriance, Sr., Robert Adriance, Cory Bevens, Darrin Culver, Darrin Gansowski, Mark Graziano, George Keeler, Nicholas Kitsock, Randy Lewis, James Marsh, IV, John Onufrychuk, Jr., Christopher Pierro, Vincent Scionti, Donald Sears and Valarie Williams.

Instructors Godfroy, Shultis, Stelling and Gearing worked at the Churchtown Firehouse to guide 14 firefighters through a 9-week scene support training. Successful trainees were: Mathew Perry, Greg Klima, Haley Asher, Michael Poland, Jr., Harold Jensen, Dustin Jensen, Chevett Ortiz, Luann Varney, Devin Miller, Garrett Simmons, Michael Dwyer, Martin Baumgold, Sergio Garbin, Gino Costa and Marion Costa.

Greenport Fire District’s Becraft Station hosted the re-aligned Fire Officer I Training. Completing the extended training were: Jesse Bender, Anthony Brahm, Jordan Brahm, Michael Cozzolino, Michael Dutcher, Larry Eisen, Frederick Fuchs, Douglas Garrison, Chad Hawver, John Holt, Stewart Hunt, Evan Kerr, Dennis Kinnicutt, Frank Langdon, Karen Loeffler, Stephen Mitchell, Jr., Matthew Pirrone, Nicholas Proper, Harold Rivenburgh, Philip Salvatore, Kyle Wilber and Clayton VanAlstyne.

A second accident victim extrication training was held at the Spencertown fire station under the watchful eyes of Instructors Godfroy and Laviano. Graduates included: Arnold Okonski, Scott Quinn, Matthew Pirrone, David Page, Jr., Jeffrey Prack, Evan Kerr, William Rogers, Alan Gearing, Robin Howes, Andrew Smith, Ashley Cohn, Matthew Fischer and Mark Sheline.


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