Valatie cottages win OK, but not until water flows

VALATIE–The Village Planning Board has approved plans for eight cottages called the Valtucket Cottage Community to be built on Route 203 in front of the new senior apartments. The plans were brought to the board by developer Jason Nastke, who plans to sell the cottages as individual homes to seniors 55 and older.

The cottages, which will range from 800 to about 1,000 square feet, will be built on .94 acres of land right in front of the Paul Raihofer Senior Village Apartments, which was built last year and officially opened in May. The 32 units in that building are rentals for seniors and people with disabilities. Owner Bruce Levine, of 3D Development Group, LLC, in Amherst, built the apartments with some state and federal money.

Mr. Nastke said at the regular meeting August 7 that one of the main unresolved issues facing his project, which will share a road from Route 203 with the senior apartments, is that he is still waiting on county Health Department approval to connect the houses to the village water system.

The village is dealing with infiltration of groundwater into the village water system. The Village Board has already had a new well dug and is having tests run on the wells, and is working on a plan to add a filtration system. Village Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons, who as at the meeting representing the Planning Board, said the village is working with Delaware Engineering on a plan to deal with the water and once there is plan, the new construction projects in the village should get approvals from the county to connect to village water.

“The village is going to move quickly,” Mr. Fitzsimmons, adding that developing a plan may take between six months and a year. He said that any development would run into this issue if it comes to the Planning Board now for approval.

The board was concerned that water availability might affect the construction, and Mr. Nastke was concerned about the board setting time limits for construction, since he does not know how long it will take to resolve the water issue.

“You will not break ground until you get water,” board Chairman Mike Clark said.

Mr. Nastke agreed.

The board approved the project but a put a three-year limit from the groundbreaking to completion of all eight houses. If Mr. Nastke does not complete the work within the three-year window, he will have to come back to the board.

Mr. Nastke said he plans to sell the houses on their own lots and that the homeowners will take care of their properties while a homeowner association will take care of common properties.

The plans for the project show landscaping to be added between Route 203 and the houses, and also between the houses and the senior apartments.

“It’s zoned residential and we are building houses,” said Mr. Clark as the board approved the plans.

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