Claverack Party tries bipartisan approach

CLAVERACK–The Claverack Party will have a ballot line in the November 5 election for town officials. Petitions to create the party as a ballot line entity were filed with the Board of Elections Monday, August 19. The party is running candidates for supervisor and Town Board

The Claverack Party has nominated incumbent Democrat Robin Andrews for re-election as supervisor, the first Democrat elected to the top town post in 35 years; Republican Robert Preusser, a current Town Board member, was also picked to run for re-election; and Diane Boice-Yorck, who has held local appointed and elected positions, including the town clerk of Ancram, will seek a seat on the board.

The press release announcing formation of the party said it is dedicated to “low taxes, economic development, using modern technology for increased efficiency, open communication and dialogue, and to ensuring that political party doesn’t get in the way of getting the work done.”

The release lists the accomplishments of the town during Ms. Andrews’ term as supervisor, including the implementation of the town Comprehensive Plan and adoption of new zoning, and improvement of the town website.

“I have been willing to cross party lines to vote the way I thought was best for our entire community. I have found my expertise as a budget and planning consultant to aid me in searching out the most cost effective solutions for everyone – which everyone seems to in favor of,” Ms. Andrews said in the release.

Mr. Preusser, who has served on the Town Board for the last four years, is also a firefighter, chairman of the Board of the Churchtown Fire Company and active member of his church. His family has lived in Claverack since the 1800s and he comes from a long line of business owners and farmers. He is the owner of JJRT Aquatic Enterprises.

Ms. Boice-Yorck is a Taconic Hills Graduate, has a degree in business administration and has lived in Claverack for 15 years. In addition to previous service as Ancram town clerk she was a clerk for a Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, town court and Grievance Board, and was also Youth Commission chairman.


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