Teachers stand by students at NL meeting

NEW LEBANON–The room was packed to overflowing with 20-30 local teenagers who were encouraged to show up for the April 8 Town Board meeting by New Lebanon High School health teacher Lenny Brown. Latecomers, wide-eyed over the attendance level, expressed approval that the young people were present.

When Mr. Brown was given the floor he spoke at length about statements attributed to Town Board member Matt Larabee in a recent edition of the Eastwick Press highlighting an alleged heroin problem in New Lebanon.

Mr. Larabee did not attend the meeting.

Mr. Brown said students were not involved with the drug and cited examples of the work that he and others are engaged in to combat alcohol and drug abuse in the school. He also mentioned a SADD survey that protected student anonymity in which 100% of the students reported never having used heroin. The percentage of students who reported using alcohol and marijuana was also quite low for this demographic, Mr. Brown said.

Supervisor Mike Benson said that his only opinion at this point was that the Town Board should concern itself with town matters, while the school board should focus on the school.

Also speaking on behalf of students were current New Lebanon High School SADD Director Brittany Warner and Jonston Smith, the former SADD director.

In other business, a resident protested the failure of the town to make copies of the meeting minutes available to the public as required by law.



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