Valatie tests could alter costs of water

VALATIE–The Village Board is moving forward with more testing on water in one of the wells operated by the village to see whether taxpayers need to spend $1.9-million for a filtration system.

The board received a report at its meeting Tuesday, May 13 from Delaware Engineering, the Albany firm that has been helping the village with upgrades to the sewer plant. The firm conducted tests on a well in the village to see if it was under the influence of surface water. The state and county health departments have pressed the village for years to do the testing and have imposed a moratorium on the number of new buildings that can connect to the village water system.

Delaware conducted tests on the well that needed evaluation and sent the state and county the results, but the state has asked for more tests that will be completed in August or September. There is a possibility the board will be told the village needs filtration for all its wells. If the board decides not use the well to avoid spending the money on the filtration system, the report says, “The village does not meet the regulatory requirements of meeting peak day demand.”

That would mean digging a new well, which Mayor Argyle said would cost around $120,000. “We need a third well no matter what,” she said of meeting the demand for water in the village. A new well was dug recently but not finished. The report from Delaware says that development and testing on this new well, Well #5, would cost about $90,000.

The report concluded that the board is going to have to spend money on the water system to meet health and flow requirements. Board member Frank Bevens said the board decided to go forward with more testing and will look into new wells to avoid the cost for filtration system. “The $1.9 million made the decision,” he said at the meeting.

At the meeting the board also discussed an energy audit this week to review ways the village and the town can make the Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building more energy efficient. The village and town share ownership of the building. The audit would also look at power use at other municipal buildings and street lights in the village.

The village is looking for a new clerk. Current Village Clerk Melissa Martino-Morin is leaving at the end of the month. The board is advertising for the position and looking for a deputy clerk.

The board will hold an end-of-year meeting May 29 at 7 p.m. in the Glynn Building. There next regular meeting will be Tuesday, June 10 at 7 p.m.

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