Firefighters log more training

GREENPORT—Training has continued throughout Columbia County thanks to the efforts of local volunteers, the County Fire Coordinators office and state Office of Fire Prevention and Control.

The Stuyvesant Falls fire company offered principals of building construction with the teaching spot held by Louis Godfroy. Attendees were: Frank Dingman, Jr., Randy Lewis, Stephen McGrath, Andrew Powell, Michael Mortenson, Joe VanLeuven, Sr., Brandon Montie, Timothy Embry, Jim Acker, II, Nathaniel Dingman, Geoff Johnson, Ann Marie Leiser and Lewis Cody.

Claverack fire station was the location of a fire behavior and arson awareness training. Students completing the course under the direction of Joe Laviano were: Christina Brusakos, Jon Cesternino, Stephen Cox, Mark French, Fred Gooderham, Joshua Krein, Lloyd Kukon, Michaela Lawson, Stefania Maruniak, David Naughton, David Parlman, Rodney Pulver, Kyle Wilber , Evan Decker and Dylan McGee.

Lebanon Valley Fire and Mr. Laviano with assistance from Mike Stelling took care of a courage to be safe training. Attending the two night classes were: Victoria Besterman, Frank Dingman, Jr., Nathaniel Dingman, Donald Fischer, Dennis Gawron, Judy Gawron, Louis Godfroy, III, Andrew Powell, Marvin Powell, Robert Reinig, Jr., Matthew Distin and Mark Sheline, Sr.

Mr. Laviano and Mr. Godfroy led a crew of volunteers through an accident vehicle extrication training at the Hillsdale firehouse. Twenty-one volunteers successfully completed the four week class. They were: Richard Briggs, Robert Briggs, Jr., Christina Brusakos, Dennis Callahan, Russsell Corcoran, Ronald Disher, Jr., Catherine Donato, Patrick Farrell, Carol Hanselman, John Hoey, Michaela Lawson, Joshua Loeffler, James Maruniak, Michael Mortenson, Fred Miller, Alexander Muller, Douglas Pearson, Daniel Sutera and Jake Thomas.

Hudson Fire Department was the location of a weekend emergency vehicle operator class taught by Mr. Stelling. Drivers attending were: James Chewens, James Gallant, Jr., Craig Haigh, Thomas Haigh, Jr., Christopher Hoffman, John Legg, Jeffrey Moore, Allan Platner, Robert Pulver, Rodney A. Pulver, Rodney E. Pulver, Michael Ryan, Justin Taylor, Kevin Tompkins, Donald Towsky and Eric Wellington.


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