Water supply issues still vexing Valatie

VALATIE – The Village Board discussed well water this week, focusing on how the water supply is affecting the construction of new housing in the village.

At the regular meeting Tuesday night Mayor Diane Argyle told the board she plans to move forward with borrowing to bring a new well online, a project expected to cost about $125,000.

Also at the June 10 session developer Tim Holk discussed his development of several houses on upper Main Street called Kinderkill. Mr. Holk said that his plans for the development was approved by the village in 2010 but right after he received his approvals the state Department of Health (DOH) placed a moratorium on new construction in the village until the board addressed the issue of the possible influence of surface water on one of the village wells.

The board is still trying to resolve that issue. Mayor Argyle said that representatives from DOH told her that the well being tested for surface water influence will be cleared after all the tests are completed; at that point it will remain in service with a few repairs.

The issue with water in the village now involves capacity. To increase the amount of water available the mayor wants to put a newer well on line, though she still thinks the village may need

a filtration system, which would cost around $2 million and would filter water from all the wells that serve the village.

“My understanding is that it’s going to happen,” said Mayor Argyle of the filtration system. “Every year you drag our feet it’s 10% more,” she said, referring to the cost.

If the board approves a filtration system, the moratorium will be lifted. Mr. Holk said that he could change his plans to connect to the village’s water and sewer systems if the village does not deal with the water. He said he could build 25 to 39 houses on the lot with septic tanks and wells. He came to the board, he said, so he could get feedback on the project.

“We’re kind of flexible but we need to start building some homes,” he said. He has one plan now under review by the village Planning Board. Village Board members said they would look over the plans and get back to him.

The board plans to meet for a special workshop meeting to discuss the water rates on Tuesday, June 24 at 6 p.m.

Also at the meeting the board passed a motion to obtain a court order against the village’s Local Development Corporation (LDC) to have the storage garage at the US Hotel on Main Street torn down and the bill for the demolition sent to the LDC. Zoning Code Enforcement Officer Walt Simonsmeier said the building is unsafe. The LDC bought the US Hotel two years ago.

The board also talked about a very full dumpster at the hotel. Village Attorney Rob Fitzsimmon said he reached out LDC President Jason Nastke about the dumpster and was told that Mr. Nastke knew about the problem and was dealing with it.

The board passed a motion that Mayor Argyle would call the company that services the dumpster to have it emptied and bill the LDC if it is not taken care of.

The board also discussed a proposal for a new local law that would require landlords in the village to have apartments inspected by Mr. Simonsmeier when a tenant moves out and before the unit can be rented again. The landlord would have to pay a fee for the inspection and there would be fines for not having an inspection. There will be a public hearing on the proposal before the next Village Board meeting.

The next regular Village Board meeting is Tuesday, July 8 at 7 p.m. in the Martin H. Glynn Building.



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