K’hook village connects to Valatie sewer

KINDERHOOK–Mayor Carol Weaver announced at the Village Board meeting on September 10 that five properties in the village Business District have connected to the Valatie Waste Water Treatment Plant. The properties include the village hall, the post office and the Kinderhook Bank.

“As of Friday the sewer is hooked in,” said Project Manager Jim Dunham told the board at the meeting. The project will eventually connect over 30 properties on Chatham and Board streets, and Albany Avenue to the central sewer system. Mayor Weaver said that she is meeting with Valatie Mayor Diane Argyle to talk about payments for Kinderhook residents. The first bills are supposed to be mailed out in October.

Mayor Weaver also said that the board would need to meet to discuss creating a sewer budget, which the village currently does not have. The board did adopt a motion to release private donations for the sewer project that have been held in trust. Three business owners in the village, Barry Herbold, Paul Calcagno and Al Roberts, donated money to the project. Mr. Herbold and Mr. Calcagno donated $10,000 each, which was held in a trust by their lawyer; Mr. Roberts, who owns the Dutch Inn on Broad Street in the village, donated $50,000, which the mayor said he was sending from his lawyer’s office.

At the meeting the board also discussed the village hall roof project. The village received three bids for the proposed $600,000 project last month. The lowest bidder removed its bid after looking at the roof and the next lowest bidder met with the Village Board and the architect for the village, Marilyn Kaplan, who prepared the bid package.

Mayor Weaver said that she did not yet have enough information to vote on whether to hire the construction company. “I do not have a clear understanding of what’s in, what’s out,” she said.

Trustee Bob Puckett, who worked on the request for proposals with Ms. Kaplan, said he would organize another meeting with the board and Ms. Kaplan about the project.

Also at the meeting the board:

  • Hired Renee Shur as economic development director. The board had advertised the position last month and hired Ms. Shur from a pool of four candidates, said the mayor. Ms. Shur has been a member of the Kinderhook Business and Professional Association, and has been instrumental in organizing the village farmers market on Saturdays from May to October. The board budgeted $10,000 for the position
  • Heard from Department of Works Superintendent David Booth that he was waiting for bids to replace 193 feet of sidewalk on Eichybush Road. There is also an unpaved patch of road on Hudson Street that Mr. Booth said was scheduled to be paved last week
  • Discussed a letter from the state Department of Transportation in response to a letter for the village about adding more sidewalk along Route 9. The letter from DOT said the state agency does not have funding to add new sidewalks at this time, and the mayor said there that there is no money in the village budget for a sidewalk project.

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, October 8 at 7 p.m.

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