Stockport water system makeover progresses

STOCKPORT — The Town Board moved ahead last week with projects intended to fix multiple water issues, specifically the brown water in Kings Acres and Water District 2 and water pressure problems for residents off Route 9.

At the September 9 Town Board meeting board members adopted a correction to a typographical error in a bond resolution for water repairs, changing “variable frequency drive” to a “variable frequency drill.” The drive is the electronic motor control system, and its malfunction doubled the motor’s output earlier this summer, which caused the water discoloration.

The error did not hinder progress on the project. The new drive was put in early August and, according to Matt Murrell, uses half the electricity as the old drive, ultimately saving the town money. Mr. Murrell also states the brown water was not a health hazard.

In total the town has borrowed $400,000 to resolve water issues. This includes painting and lining the water tank, installing and repairing fire hydrants, a new control panel in the Stockport Pump Station, and resolving infiltration issues that result in groundwater getting into the water system. The town is also drilling a larger water line and installing a new junction box for several houses on Route 9 near Rossman Road. The new line and box will resolve water pressure issues for those houses that have been ongoing for nearly 30 years.

Also at the September 9 meeting the board:

  • Appointed Dan Marcus as the town representative to the Columbia County Environmental Management Council
  • Said that Community Day is scheduled for Sunday, September 28 at Masten Park off Route 9 at noon
  • Heard Mr. Murrell report that work on the current Town Hall is to continue. The town has received a $50,000 state grant through Senator Kathy Marchione’s office, another $8,000 from the state Office of Court Administration and has saved over the past several years for renovations, making the total funds available to $237,000.

The board aims to purchase the land behind the hall and create a parking lot. More immediate projects involve painting the building and mending the gutters, as well as reconfiguring the hall in order to create offices and courtrooms.

The next Town Board meeting will be October 8 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 2787 Atlantic Avenue, Stottville.




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