County joins in Super Bowl crackdown

HUDSON—Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett and Columbia County STOP-DWI announced that the Sheriff’s Office will join in with Hudson Police, Greenport Police and state law enforcement agencies in a special enforcement effort to crackdown on impaired driving.

Super Bowl weekend is traditionally a time for friends and family to get together to enjoy the big game. Many will be hosting Super Bowl parties.

Law enforcement agencies will take to the roads during this weekend in an effort to stop impaired driving, prevent injuries and save lives. The statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown starts January 31 and will end February 2.

“Our goal here is to keep the roads safe for all commuters. We want everyone to have their parties and enjoy the game, but we need them to do so in a safe and responsible manner. It’s as simple as using a designated driver,” Sheriff Bartlett said in a press release.

The sheriff praised Columbia County STOP-DWI for organizing this effort, and the interagency cooperation of area law enforcement for making it possible.

 Pistol permit fees to drop and application date changes

GREENPORT— Prices for pistol permit application processing will drop by $1.75 beginning February 1.

Due to the FBI receiving electronically submitted fingerprints for background checks, they are lowering their processing fee.

“I am pleased to pass that savings on to county residents,” Sheriff David P. Bartlett said in a press release.

Pistol permit applications up until January 30 would require a money order for $91.50. After February 1, that money order will be for $89.75.

Sheriff Bartlett also advised that he is now changing the day of the week for processing from every Thursday to every Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Applicants for pistol permits are processed on a first come, first served basis during those hours. No appointment is necessary. Ink rolled finger prints will also be completed on Wednesdays each week.

For any questions regarding pistol permits, the sheriff suggests a call to the pistol permit division at 518 828-0601 X 1414 for assistance with any questions or concerns.

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