Frozen cat thaws, goes home

OLD CHATHAM–A gray long-haired cat dubbed “Valentine” was reunited with his family and is doing well after being found nearly frozen on the roadside, Thursday, February 12.

R.J. Poulter, a motorist on County Route 13 noticed the cat that afternoon. Mr. Poulter thought the cat was dead because it was covered with snow and ice. The animal was barely breathing and Mr. Poulter said he had to literally peel the cat off the road because it was frozen and stuck, according to a report by newsman Lance Wheeler.

The cat was taken to Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham, where he was warmed by the fire and wrapped in towels.

The following morning, people from the farm, a non-profit animal rescue organization, took Valentine to the Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital in Ghent for a check-up with Dr. Carlene A. Patterson, who took some blood and gave the cat some shots. Valentine returned to the Little Brook Farm where he was put up for adoption.

On February 14, News 10 reported that the fully-recovered cat was reunited with his family who had been looking for him since he went missing Thursday morning.

The report said that the cat had accidentally gotten out of their house and had travelled two miles before becoming frozen on the roadside.

Lynn Cross, who runs the farm, was quoted saying the family had the cat, an unneutered male for just six weeks and believed that, a young child accidentally let the cat out.

Ms. Cross said there was no sign that cat had been neglected or abused. She said the family wanted to remain anonymous and plans to keep Valentine’s appointment to be neutered next week.

More than 25 families had expressed an interest in adopting the cat, Ms. Cross said, adding she hoped the story would inspire more people to adopt rescue animals.

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