Troop K recognizes members’ promotions

PLEASANT VALLEY—State Police Troop K has issued a release that acknowledges and applauds the following members on their recent promotions or reclassifications.

Senior Investigator William J. Mulrein, III, entered the Division of State Police in January 2002. He was promptly promoted to investigator in 2007 and he served the Livingston barracks and Troop K Major Crimes Unit. In January 2014, he was appointed to senior investigator and served as the administrative senior investigator before transferring to SP Dover Plains. On February 26, Senior Investigator Mulrein earned the permanent rank of sergeant and will continue to serve the Bureau of Criminal Investigation stationed at the Poughkeepsie barracks.

Trooper Christian McCarthy started his career with the New York State Police in April 1994. Trooper McCarthy is currently assigned to the Troop K Traffic Incident Management Team and is the assistant senior diver on the Troop K Scuba detail. Effective February 26, Trooper McCarthy was promoted to sergeant and will serve Troop F.

Investigator Marcus A. Walthour entered the Division of State Police in October 2000. He was promoted to investigator in March 2008 and effective February 26, he was appointed to senior investigator. He will serve Division Headquarters.

Trooper John F. Reppucci, also an 11-year veteran of the State Police, was appointed to investigator effective February 26. Investigator Reppucci is currently assigned to the Livingston barracks. He is a CPR and EMS instructor with the State Police and is also trained in Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response.


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