New Leb tweaks zoning for fur-bearing animals

NEW LEBANON–The Town Board last week addressed two proposed changes to the town zoning law and a petition to create a noise ordinance.

The June 9 meeting began with a discussion of a proposal for a zoning amendment that would affect agricultural uses and small business operations. The board adopted a change to the definition of farming to include fur-bearing animals. This amendment may make it possible for more residents to qualify for agricultural property tax exemptions.

The small business zoning amendment proposal would expand the definition of small businesses to include “small manufacturing enterprises of an artisan nature in commercial zones.” Though envisioned as a way to enable craftspeople to make and sell their wares in the same commercial building, residents at the meeting voiced concern that the change would open commercial/residential areas to industrial manufacturing.

The board postponed consideration of the amendment. A revision will be reconsidered at next month’s board meeting.

Also at the meeting a petition with 168 signatures calling for a proposed noise ordinance was presented to the board. Two laws were proposed that would limit the decibel level as well as the time and days racing is allowed at the Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon. The board passed a motion to create a workshop, open to the public, that will address the matter.

In other business last week:

  • The board agreed to solicit bids for the town’s West Hill Road gravel pit
  • A motion was adopted to allow the E-911 call center to update its antennas independent of the Town Board
  • Board members agreed to submit an application to designate Wyomanock Creek as an inland Waterway, which would qualify the town for funding from the Environmental Protection Fund and other grants.
  • The New Lebanon section of the Corkscrew Rail Trail will open by summer’s end
  • The town is seeking new members for the Planning Board and Ethics Board.

The next Town Board meeting will be July 14 at 7 p.m.





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