Copake board seats new member and gets organized

COPAKE—The Town Board gathered January 4 to get its plan of action for the New Year organized.

All members were present including newly-seated Councilman Stanley “Stosh” Gansowski, who was elected last November. He takes the seat formerly occupied by Susan Winchell-Sweeney, who did not seek re-election.

The town started 2016 with a new code enforcement officer. The board voted to appoint Michael Kostszewski to the post following the resignation of Edward Ferratto effective at the end of the year. Mr. Ferratto had served for 10 years.

Following is a list of designations, appointments, agreements, policies and authorizations approved by the Town Board for the coming year:

*Accepted county and state bids for materials and equipment for 2016

*Made an agreement with the highway superintendent for the expenditure of funds levied and collected for the repairs and improvement of highways, and received from the state for state aid for the repairs and improvement of highways; the Highway Department wage rate in all classifications will be $20.33/hour, shop foreman an additional $.25/hour, deputy highway superintendent an additional $.50/hour, holidays, vacation and sick days for the highway employees are set forth in their current contract

*Authorized the supervisor to invest town funds in day of deposit and day of withdrawal CD accounts

*Appointed Kenneth J. Dow, Esq. attorney for the town

*Appointed Rapport, Meyers LLP town counsel for Cascino matters

*Designated The Columbia Paper and the Register Star official newspapers

*Set the regular Town Board meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. with exception of August which will be held the second Saturday of the month at 9 a.m.

*Designated Key Bank official depository

*Designated the Town Hall as District #1 and the Copake Memorial Park Building as District #2 polling places

*Appointed Sickler, Torchia, Allen & Churchill CPAs PC as town accountants

*Supervisor Jeff Nayer appointed himself as budget officer

*Appointed Lawrence O. Proper registrar of vital statistics

*Appointed Vana S. Hotaling deputy registrar of vital statistics

*Appointed Katie Bell as the part-time court clerk, Janet Glover and Theresa Traver as part-time deputy court clerks

*Appointed Lynn Connelly as assessor’s clerk

*Appointed Michael Bradway park superintendent

*Appointed Wes Powell dog control officer

*Designated the Columbia/Greene Humane Society as the town’s animal shelter

*Supervisor Nayer appointed Councilwoman Miller-Simmons as deputy supervisor

*Supervisor Nayer appointed Gloria Lyons as town historian

*Supervisor Nayer appointed Theresa Traver as the town’s bookkeeper

*Town Clerk Larry Proper appointed Vana Hotaling as deputy town clerk/tax collector

*Highway Superintendent Bill Gregory appointed Timothy Albright deputy highway superintendent

*Highway superintendent announced limited seasonal use for Sunset Rock and Bain roads

*Appointed Robin Bruce as person-in-charge of the Williams Cemetery

*Appointed Ronald Piper as building custodian and booking agent

*Appointed Veronica Fabio as zoning board secretary

*Appointed Lisa DeConti as planning board secretary

*Appointed Sean Carbine as computer consultant

*Set mileage reimbursement rate at the IRS Rate for the use of private vehicles for town business

*Appointed Shannon Hotaling as code enforcement secretary

*Affixed the salary for councilpersons at $3,605/year paid monthly

*Affixed the following employee salaries and times to be paid: highway superintendent, $58,216.87, bi-weekly; supervisor, $12,875, monthly; justice (2), $10,300, monthly; town clerk/tax collector, $29,554, monthly; deputy town clerk, $14.20/hour, monthly; sole assessor, $28,000, bi-weekly; code enforcement officer, $18,500, monthly; code enforcement secretary, $14.20/hour, monthly; part-time court clerk, $14.20/hour, bi-weekly; part-time deputy court clerks, $14.20/hour, bi-weekly; historian, $425, yearly; park superintendent, $7,875, bi-weekly; custodian/booking agent, $15,300, bi-weekly; dog control officer, $3,600, monthly; assessor’s clerk, $14.20/hour, bi-weekly; planning and ZBA secretaries, $14.20/hour, monthly; town bookkeeper, $20/hour, bi-weekly

*Supervisor Nayer made the following liaison appointments: Councilwoman Terry Sullivan, Planning Board, Ethics Board, Environmental Committee; Councilwoman Miller-Simmons, park and rec, Assessor’s Office; Town Board, street lights and insurance, refuge and auditing; Supervisor Nayer, highway department; Councilman Gansowski, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Advisory Committee; Councilwoman Jeanne Mettler, Copake Hamlet Revitalization Committee and Ag and Farmland Protection Committee.

The board’s next regular meeting is January 14 at 7 p.m.

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