Troopers’ swift reaction saves life at meeting

KINDERHOOK–The Village Board meeting was cut short Wednesday, January 13, when the village building inspector, who was attending the meeting, collapsed at around 8 p.m. It was soon clear that the 65 year old man had become unresponsive.

Village Trustee Rich Phillips phoned for help, while Clerk Nicole Heeder, realizing it was near the time for a shift change for the state troopers who have an office at Village Hall, knocked on the troopers’ door to report the emergency.

Troopers James Sokolowski and Michael Singleton responded immediately. A release from the State Police said the troopers’ initial assessment revealed the man was not breathing and he did not have a discernible pulse. The troopers began chest compressions and then applied a nearby automated external defibrillator. That resulted in two shocks being administered, which reestablished a pulse.
The Kinderhook Fire Department then arrived on the scene to assist. They directed traffic on Route 9 as the Valatie Rescue Squad arrived with two ambulances.
The patient ultimately regained consciousness and was taken to an ambulance by rescue squad members.
According to the press release, “Although the patient had no recollection of events, he is expected to make a full recovery.”
The Village Board scheduled a meeting January 20 to reconvene this month’s meeting.

Emilia Teasdale

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