Ralph gets pretty good tribute

09 16news Ralphs party

News of a February 27 tribute to Ralph’s Pretty Good Cafe, which closed last September, spread by word of mouth. Community activists including Melissa Sarris, Judy Grunberg, Karen Kraczmar and Mary Ann Hitt, among others, wanted to commemorate the once popular Main Street cafe and its former owner, Ralph Janetti. The Peint-o-Gwrw pub, also on Main Street, was crowded early last Saturday evening with people showing their affection for Mr. Janetti and the business he owned and operated for over 15 years. At one point the receiving line extended from the front door to the back room of the pub as people waited to greet, present gifts and be photographed with the guest of honor. A table of food was assembled by chef and relation Tommy Carlucci and Blue Plate chef Dominic Giuliano. Ms. Sarris presented him with a quilt inscribed with messages from many community members. Mr. Janetti gamely thanked everybody. Photo by David Lee

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