It’ll cost plenty to give away this K’hook road

KINDERHOOK – The Town Board heard from residents on Wildflower Road at the regular town meeting Monday night. The residents on the unpaved private lane off Mason Road want the town to take over maintenance and make it a public roadway.

Town Attorney Andy Howard explained to the residents that they could present a petition to the board signed by a majority of property owners on the road asking for Wildflower to become a town road. But he said that, according to state law, the board would have to pave the road at the expense of the 15 homeowners before taking over its maintenance.

“There is a process to do that,” said Mr. Howard at the May 9 board meeting and he quoted a state law that says that the town can take over ownership of a private road after the petition is filed and the board reviews the costs. The road is then paved and the cost of the paving is split among the homeowners on the road.

The residents of Wildflower Road have already signed one petition “indicating support for the request that Wildflower Road become a public roadway,” according to a letter from the residents. The letter goes on to say, “We also request that the road be maintained as a dirt road.” The letter, which was sent to board members, includes the text of an email to residents stating that the developer of the road will no longer be conducting any maintenance or snowplowing.

At the Town Board meeting resident Keith Pierce said that the road does not need to be paved, saying “It doesn’t make a lot of sense for the town or the residents.” Another resident, Rupert Sharoun, talked about how he and his neighbors have been maintaining the road themselves. “I don’t know how much longer we can keep doing it,” he said of the aging population of homeowners on the road.

He also said that paving the road could cost around $100,000, which would be expensive for the homeowners on the road to cover.

Also at the meeting:

The board appointed Warren Mistler recreation director for this summer’s recreation program at Volunteer Park

County Director of Planning Ken Flood discussed two different issues that involve grants. He talked about the federal E-Rate program that funds some types of improvements to broadband service in the county. He said the county Board of Supervisors and representatives from the office of Congressman Chris Gibson (R-19th) are looking into funding to improve the accesses in the area. “We’re moving forward,” he said.

He also talked to the board about grants from the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). Mr. Flood said that the town could receive about $500,000 in housing rehabilitation funds for projects including lead abatement, heating, hot water and roof repair. Town Supervisor Pat Grattan said that the Village of Valatie used this grant money to do some upgrades. He called it a “loan program.”

The next meeting is Monday, June 13 at 7 p.m. in the Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building.

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