Hudson school board taps Otty for president

HUDSON–The Board of Education at its annual organization meeting July 6 selected its officers and made the following committee assignments for the 2016-17 school year:

President: Carrie Otty

Vice President: Maria McLaughlin

Audit Committee: Sage Marie Carter, David Kisselburgh, Sumayyah Shabazz

Facilities Committee: Ms. Carter, Mr. Kisselburgh

Policy Committee: Linda Hopkins, Ms. McLaughlin

Budget Committee: Willette Jones, Ms. Otty

The board has seven members with Ms. Hopkins and Ms. Jones the only members new to the Board.

Ms. Otty is the fourth president the board has had in two years, but she has been on the board longer than any other member. She started her term in November 2011.

At the July 6 meeting, Ms. McLaughlin, who had been president for a year, nominated Ms. Otty to succeed her. In turn, Ms. Carter nominated Ms. McLaughlin vice president. The board members present ratified both nominations.

“I’m looking forward to working with Carrie,” said Ms. McLaughlin by phone July 8. “We’ll make a good team. And the new members—Willette Jones and Linda Hopkins—are strong. They’ll be good additions.”

Ms. McLaughlin reflected on the just-ended 2015-16 school year, saying, “It was a really good year. I enjoyed being on the board and being president. It was a very busy year, and being president requires very busy work. But it’s been an amazing year!”

During the last school year the district received notice from the state that it was no longer labeled as a “focus” district with substandard performance; the graduation rate from the previous year hit over 70%, and school athletes achieved significant honors.

Optimistic about the coming year, Ms. McLaughlin said, “Academics are improving slowly and steadily,” athletes are doing great, and “I’m really excited about the capital project.”

Also at the meeting Superintendent Maria L. Suttmeier spoke of seniors in caps and gowns walking through the halls of John L. Edwards Primary School one day before the end of school, accompanied by cheers and “Pomp and Circumstance.” She suggested that in future years this Destination Graduation March take place in all school buildings.

The next school Board meeting will be Monday, July 25, 7 pm at the Junior High School Library.

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