Police: Warn children about drug paraphernalia

MILLBROOK—State Police urge parents or caregivers to teach children about the dangers of drug paraphernalia.

Parents or caregivers educate children about the dangers of drug use, alcohol consumption and how they should never touch a hot stove top.

When curious children are scavenging for outdoor treasures parents talk to them about staying away from poison ivy and tell them not to touch garbage. With the heroin epidemic at an all-time high, parents should also educate their children to recognize drug paraphernalia and what to do if they come in contact with needles, according to a press release from State Police.

Syringes and other drug paraphernalia might be found on private property, public property, in parking areas, beaches and even playgrounds. Needle stick injuries can occur when syringes are not discarded properly. Used needles may have bodily fluids that carry blood borne infectious diseases.

Parents should inform children not to touch drug paraphernalia. If a child comes into contact with a hypodermic instrument or other drug-related paraphernalia, they should tell an adult right away. As a parent or caregiver, ask the child if they have been injured or stuck by a needle. Wounds should be immediately cleaned with soap and water. Lastly, make sure the child receives immediate medical treatment, the release said.

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