Maybe this rat was late for class

CRARYVILLE—On opening day in the Taconic Hills Central School District September 7, students in a high school gym class reportedly saw a rat scurry across the gymnasium floor, according to a call received by The Columbia Paper.

Reached by phone about the incident this week, District Superintendent Dr. Neil L. Howard, Jr., said “Yes, there was a rodent in the building. It was trapped and disposed of humanely.”

The rat appears to have been a lone wolf.

Dr. Howard said the district’s pest management company has given him no indication that there is any infestation.

Also, as far as he knows no one, staff or student, came in physical contact with the animal.

How the rat entered the building is not clear.

We live in the country,” said the superintendent. “There are mice in the building, there have been a couple of snakes in the building. I guess when you live in farm country, once in a while these things happen.”

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