Wary of overruns, K’hook tweaks new garage plan

KINDERHOOK–The Village Board held a special meeting last week to discuss change orders to the new Department of Works garage. The new request, added to the three other change-work orders, will add about $5,000 to the $357,000 project.

Ray Jurkowski from Morris Associates, the engineering firm working for the village on the new garage, said the board has contingency funds in the budget that have not been spent. “There has been no money drawn off the allowance so you still have $5,000,” he told the board at the Wednesday, September 14 meeting. Spending those funds would put the project over budget by about $132.

Trustee Rich Phillips had an issue with the number of change orders and prospect of spending more money on the project. The old DPW garage burned down two years ago and the board is using insurance money to rebuild the structure. The change order the board was asked to approve last Wednesday was for insulating the ceiling in part of the garage, putting up wall board and painting for about $7,000. The board also approved adding three doors, a leader board and squaring off the building.

Mr. Phillips said that before the first change order the village would have saved $13,330 on the project, but after approving three change orders for various amounts they were now over budget. He also pointed out that some of these changes involved village employees working at state prevailing wages.

“I didn’t think there were going to be this many change orders,” he said at the meeting.

“It’s only a garage for two employees and four trucks,” he said, adding that he had hoped the building could be completed for $357,000.

“These change orders have been made to improve the building,” said Mr. Jurkowski.

Glenn Smith, village code enforcement office, said at the meeting that he believes heating the section of the building they planned to insulate would tax the heater the village plans to install.

Mr. Phillips said he worried about the cost to taxpayers to heat that section of the building.

The other board members were not opposed to the changes. Trustee Dale Leiser said that it was his idea to finish off the ceiling in the section of the garage listed in the proposal before the heating and electric systems were installed. “It’s not that we need to cover this; it should be covered,” he told Mr. Phillips.

He said that will all the change orders the village is “getting a better building.”

Mr. Phillips asked Mr. Jurkowski if there was anywhere the board could reduce costs associated with the new building. Mr. Jurkowski said that one item he was thinking of was not using tile for the bathroom floor in the garage. But he said that he would go over the plans line by line to see whether there was any other potential savings.

When the board finally voted on the latest change, all members except Mr. Phillips voted to approve the change. Trustee Bob Puckett said he was voting in favor reluctantly.

“We are all reluctant but we are so close,” said Mayor Jim Dunham.

The board awarded the construction project for the new DPW in April to One-Way Construction. Work has already started to replace the old building on Route 9.

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