Calling it ‘small fix,’ New Leb adopts new sign law

NEW LEBANON–In a unanimous vote at the October 11 Town Board meeting, the board passed a “signs and posters” law clarifying signage in New Lebanon.

The law requires that signs shall be made of “durable material…and shall be maintained in good repair at all times.” In addition to aesthetic considerations, the number of signs per business is limited to two, neither to exceed 24 square feet. Additional restrictions and exceptions are outlined in the new law available on the town website,

“This is a small fix to our local law,” town Supervisor Colleen Teal said in response to a member of the audience concerned about gaps in the law, such as the failure to address the ratio of square footage of a sign to its distance from the roadside, a calculation that can affect visibility.

The law also does not differentiate between business and personal signs, creating a potential gray area for home decoration. There remains separate legislation for political signs.

The new signs and posters law was adopted in response to an increased number of variances granted to New Lebanon businesses whose signs did not conform to the old zoning regulations. The board hopes the new law will clarify what businesses are allowed to display and grant non-complying businesses a 30-day grace period to come into compliance or apply for a variance.

At the meeting the board also decided to accept a bid for a 2016 four-wheel-drive truck equipped with a plow for the Highway Department. The truck will cost approximately $99,495, according to a bid from the Marchese Ford dealership. The decision to buy was split in favor of purchase, three to two. The board plans to sell the 1999 truck and 2008 plow that is being replaced. The new truck will require a $20,000 down payment from this year’s budget.

In other news from the meeting:

• The deadline is November 1 for low income seniors to apply for free maintenance work to their homes or trailers. Applications should be sent to the town clerk

• A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall to discuss the fire protection and Chatham Rescue budgets for 2017.

The next regular Town Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8 at Town Hall, 14755 Route 22 North.

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